The joke on the human race

How do we know that politicians aren’t prepared to do anymore for the environment than pay it lip service?

Internationally of course we have a prime example of government negligence and we are expected to understand it. It’s called war, or armed conflict. We know these activities destroy specific locations in its first wave but we tend to ignore the second wave. The second wave ends up in the planet’s atmosphere as carbon dioxide and, as it causes the global warming that is destroying the planet, such activity should be queried on environmental grounds.

Concern for this carbon dioxide source languishes, for all governments know that their side is fighting a just war, or a war on terror, and that means they imagine the global warming gases are justified.

Unlikely as it may seem governments don’t even pay lip service to creating such such gases. For research facilities to know exactly how much global warming gas is created by a cow’s fart, and not even begin to measure the creation of such gases from one bullet (shell, grenade, bomb) indicates a degree of criminal negligence. Neither the CSIRO, a scientific research establishment in Australia, nor the CIA, in America, knows of any such research. Or at least aren’t prepared to speak of it.

Given the above, the following regional examples show how deeply embedded is our disrespect for the environment. Take a look at your governments and their development schemes. Have they really decided the environment is a priority.

In Victoria, Australia, there is a certainty that dredging in Port Phillip Bay will destroy the ecology of those waters for thirty years. The Port of Melbourne Authority, lobbied by shipping lines, decided on dredging so bigger ships could come into the bay, and they yesterday admitted this potential 30 year destruction. Further, a former harbour master, Captain Frank Hart, says there will certainly be an Exxon Valdez disaster, and it’s a question of when, not if. Two other outspoken critics who agreed with him were given government jobs and were effectively silenced.

Captain Hart logically surmises that as an average of three ship’s a year scrape the Great Sands of the Bay when they access the South Channel, the bigger ships, three metres deeper, will run aground. He quotes the RIP at the entrance to the bay as the worst water in the world, with tidal surges running at more than 14 knots. To access the South Channel the ship has to face the out running tide, so that when a ship with a fifty metre width enters those waters at an angle it may be 120 metres wide or more. The safety margin in the 180 metre entrance is very small, especially in bad weather.

The Great Sands has rocks at a consistency raisins of in a Xmas cake.

Dredging also destroys the sea grass essential to breeding fish; will release the
cyanide and other poisons in the sands of the river, and poison the dolphins that are a unique breed to the bay waters. They evolved in these waters.

Victoria’s new Premier, as of this week, said this morning that “the plans to open the Port of Melbourne to bigger freight ships was crucial to Victoria’s economic growth.”
Oh, problem is, the third environmental inquiry is not over yet. The first two said environmental damage would be immense. The third panel was hand picked, and contained no members of previous panels.

And so it goes. The Tasmanian Premier has allowed Gunns to locate a timber wood chipping complex (the largest in the world) in an area that will harm air over the city of Launceston, and destroy fishing stocks off the coast. These were findings by an environmental panel that was overruled before it brought down its report. In the same state, the new Federal Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, says he will allow the logging of another 80,000 hectares of old growth forest if he makes it to PM, and that seems likely. Imagine the carbon tonnage there.

With minds set on making wealth without respect for the environment, what hope does the planet have? Human greed is the joke we live by.


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