Charles Dickens should still be alive and writing. He would have manufactured a term for Obama’s fall into the trap of American arrogance. Dickens’s term wiglomeration for the empty headed and arrogant lawyers of his era (any era?) should surely help spawn a term for politicians who believe their own spin. I haven’t found it. It’s up to you.

Remember though that Colin Powell was the military genius who said let’s defeat Sadam Hussein on the desert sands. He refused to go after the dictator in Baghdad. Why? He was a real strategist. He knew entering the cities would create terrible mayhem. So, Obama wants to take on the real terrorists in Pakistan; that mountainous country, far more rugged than Afghanistan, and naturally built as a fortress without boundaries.

Come on Obama, being bogged down in two countries, and already retreating from one in spirit, should cancel any madness of strategy. America loses wars that are prolonged. Look at Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. If you want to strike at the terrorists do it through education and a sense of humanity. However it would be best to recivilize yourselves as a beginning move.


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