Sorry guys, you blew the chance to reverse global warming. We’re sliding into the morass of political and corporate spin: we can all be saved by carbon trading (please, don’t joke anymore). We’re beyond the tipping point. The ice from the north pole areas and Greenland will be gone by 2020 not 2050. The current down the coast of Greenland will now not go its cold way of descending into the deep channels of the south but will be warm enough to stay on the surface and turn to the west until it finally hits the Gulf Stream and stops it. With this phenomenon occuring to that warm current, Europe’s climate will no longer be warm. In fact it will freeze.

And that’s in everyone’s lifetime (well, except for the lucky ones).

This is from the scientists on a postponed Greenland expedition (it will be in the spring). We will be travelling to Greenland to show fifteen year olds the way to survive in extreme conditions. Those inactive babyboomers et al have really failed the future generations.


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