Nuclear Waste Dumps For Indigenous Territory

The abusive indigenous legislation that takes land rights away from several communities has its origins in the negotiations the US is imposing on Australia for a nuclear waste dump for the planet. The Federal Government is about to sign (next month) what they regard as a lucrative agreement to first take America’s waste. America has not been able to contain its waste in Washington State – estimated 80% of waste is stored there. No matter what they attempt to contain it in, it leaks into the Columbia River.

The story of this development is contained in The Devil’s Trap … set to catch friends, a book of faction I began in 2003, predicting this outcome. It was launched on May 14. 2006 at the Williamstown literary festival, the day the agreement was first discussed by Australia’s PM and American bureaucrats. It is available on Amazon.

With this new legislation shamefully passed (without one Parliamentairan admitting to reading all the 500 pages – they only had around 48 hours to do it) by our Parliament and Opposition there are no barriers to storing the waste in our remote desert communities. They are going to bury the stuff there, disregarding the half life of 150,000 years. For some perspective we should realise that the Egyptian pyramids are the oldest man built structures are 8 -10, 000 years old and we didn’t know what they were for until English pre-history scholars examined them early last century. The reason for their structure had been obscured for thousands of years for the reason that the world had changed and no one remembered through the dark periods of history – many cultures simply died out. If visible structures are forgotten about in such a brief period, what will be the fate of the nuclear waste buried out of sight and potent for 150,000 years?

The way things go for Australia when dealing with America we will pay to take the nuclear waste.


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