Tell Us of the Economic Future of Fire and Flood

Governments and corporations are pathetic in their hope that a strategy on climate change will keep economies bubbling along. Arguably climate change is passing the tipping point now. Logically there has to be speculation about it as the summers (and even springs) break heat records. Europe is to freeze if the Gulf Stream is stopped by the warmer water flooding in from the previousy cold Greenland current, Australia is to go without water, as is Africa. America’s coast and hinterland will be disrupted by ferocious weather and Asia will be flooded by immense monsoons and rising oceans.It’s all increasing as I write. Sixty seven dead today in Greek fires that’s immensity have never been experienced before.

So how do the world’s social systems cope with starving, homeless people (beyond anything we have now)? Given the new laws against terror, which in the UK has already been used against green groups, disruptive people can begin to disappear. My knowledge and imagination has an even more dire future. People roaming the earth in search of water and food, hoping they can find somewhere where they can begin to once again plan for the future.

Two very ancient cultures have developed in extreme weather patterns. The Australian aborigine, and the Arctic Innuit. They had no plans except live each day hunting for food and keeping their bodies at temperatures they could survive in. You may imagine it would be easy to return to those times. If by 2020 the oceans have risen as predicted, and warmed to the degree where it no longer absorbs carbon dioxide, we are on a coaster ride to chaos.

Will we still dream of economies becoming richer and life more comfortable? I don’t think so. Will we in the West still hold back from telling our children what their future may be so they can be emotionally prepared? Having worked with a global green environmental group as an editorial director I know that neither green groups or governments want to take away the “hope” of the youth. We don’t seem to recognise that in the rest of the world the young already face war, death, thirst and starvation on a daily basis. If we in the West tell them early they may even be inspired to seek answers. Maybe they’ll even discover who to blame. And is the latter one of the reasons we don’t want to take away their hope?


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