Dioxins are so lethal we don’t have a lab to search for it

The decision to build the world’s largest pulp mill in Tasmania simply highlights that the global change retards (our politicians) haven’t even begun to respect the environment. Using strict logic, in a follow up to the speculation that we have already passed the tipping point, means that we have to now learn to survive with extreme climate events. Such events in the Tamar valley (where the mill is destined to be) will mean those thousands of tons of dioxins that will pass into the ocean and air on a daily basis and that will destroy wild environments, will now also be misdirected to a nearby city and those glorious summer beaches.

Dioxin by the way is so lethal Australia couldn’t build a laboratory safe enough to search for it. There is one lab in Western Australia that can do it. It’s owned by Nufarm (or was) and they’re the company that imports it into the country.


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