Australian farmers lose the lucrative organics market

Australian farmers are missing out on the lucrative organic markets because state governments have allowed the designing of agricultural products so that more pesticide and weedicide can be used without killing the crops.

We are always trying to join the big world of commerce because we make huge money from uranium and other mineral resources. Our mindset is that we can play with the big boys. Sorry, that’s only when we have something they want. Because of our pitiful cultural cringe we don’t know how to negotiate even when we know they want our good stuff. And we’ve been bullied into allowing laboratory developed seed.

A case in point is Kenya. About the only crops earning Kenya anything are the organic crops. In fact according to the Guardian horticulture in Africa is the biggest earner after tourism. They also report that organic farmers in Kenya recieve no subsidies but European farmers received $67 billion in hand outs last year.

Australia was early in the organic stakes with Hal Hewitt of Mildura exporting for top prices to the UK and European markets more than a decade ago. However two departments conspired against him because they wanted Australian fruit to be the largest fruit and demanded he hormone his grapes. He refused and the department of agricuture and Aquis made sure he didn’t export anything. The ombusman discovered those two departments conspired against him by refusing his export box sizes, and wrongly reporting his sugar content was too low and too high. They busted him but three years ago he settled with the Federal government for $8 million compensation.This was never reported as news although the SMH had it as a column piece.

The moral of the story is that the Federal government always makes bad decisions on new industries because of entrenched lobbying interests. And please remember the federal government is vulnerable if they’ve been bullying.


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