Australian troops use fake attack film as government promotional material

Australian soldiers in Afghanistan have been used in a government promotional movie. It purports to show Australian soldiers under attack. They move with all the authenticity of school cadets on an exercise. If they were genuinely under attack why didn’t they take cover or move to cover? They ran around necessary ground cover without taking into account incoming fire. To top it all off their officer had a script for his interview, referring to to his troops efforts as being like (yeah, but we lost that one and had to retreat). What spin. I recognise spin having been a press secretary to a dpm. I also spent several years in a specialist platoon at school and I would have taken more care in finding cover for hunting rabbits.

Gee, and no one was apparently injured, on either side. The narrator said however that the enemy was given a bloody nose. If they were taking ground – as they reported – they would know who and how many they injured.


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