The country chosen as the planet’s nuclear waste dump is Australia

Australia is joining the US led Global Nuclear Energy Partnership. John Howard (who has never fought a serious issue in his life despite his claim of fighter status) told Bush last week that Australia is in. He’s already signed a defence agreement which affects the dumping of nuclear waste in the country.

We’ve been chosen as the planet’s nuclear dumping ground because we’re geologically stable and politically passive, and many are thrilled about it as we appear to no longer have a solid agricultural industry, courtesy of global warming. Problem is we have to look after the waste for 500,000 years. The oldest man made structures on the planet are the pyramids (10,000? years) and we’ve only known what the function of pyramids for 200 years – since British archaeologists entered them. Imagine if they had contained nuclear waste. You see, things change and people forget.

Pyramids were supposedly hard to forget but underdesert nuclear waste dumps will be forgotten the moment everyone believes they’re secure. Of course the spin will be that we lease uranium to nuclear nations and then be morally bound to take it back when they’ve finished with it. Are they joking? What perverse negotiations allowed that? How were they carried out?

The answer is, over a lengthy period of time. First the federal government had to regain the rights over the land of the aborigines, and then they had to inspire companies to begin researching how the waste is to be contained. All of America’s waste in Washington state is leaking into the Columbia river and no matter what they do they can’t contain it. Washington state has 80% of America’s nuclear waste.


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