Media and police have been criminally negligent

The media and the New Zealand police are at fault for not examining Nai Yin Xue’s car earlier. Have reporters lost their intuition? Didn’t they ask the police if they had searched the car? The body in the boot stories have been around for decades. Several times police have stopped cars only to discover bodies in boots. How are bodies transported? In the boot. Didn’t they even suspect there might be evidence in the boot?

Knowing the father’s action in abandoning his three year old daughter was tantamount to ultimate abuse didn’t they even suspect the mother may be dead?

Being first to the first Mafia Vic Market murder in Melbourne in the sixties, I walked around the scene noting that it had to have been performed by a professional killer. The best the Painters and Docker members could do to kill in those days was knock on the victim’s door and shoot them when they answered. Oh yes, and they did place a body in a boot and push the car off a wharf.

From the following evidence I deducted the Mafia had come to town. The shot had been made through the back window of a station wagon as it had driven into the victim’s garage. The engine was still running when I reached the scene and the lights were still on. The head had been blasted off, although some skin from the face hung from the steering wheel.

To make the accurate shot ball bearings had been loaded into a shotgun shell so their was a mass of lead through the back window. The killer had been so certain he had only fired once.

The police ridiculed me for my Mafia deduction. Five years later they admitted they were wrong.

Problem is the state of police investigation is so slack the crime reporter was usually way ahead. Our press cars were loaded with radios: police, ambulance and firebrigade. Our press rooms had the same links. We often beat the police to the scene. Why has it changed?

Perhaps the media is so used to being fed these days they have lost initiative. Or is it simply that the only crime they regard highly these days is terrorism? This fear has given police terrible powers. Powers that trample our human rights. Is power all they’re interested in maintaining?

A three year old has lost her parents because New Zealand police lacked common sense. They even gave the father back his martial arts blade despite a restraining order by the wife. I hope she wasn’d killed with the weapon. But it would be worse for police if she suffocated in the car boot, given their tardiness in opening it.


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