Bland press releases maketh a leader

It’s amazing as I trawl through a time of my life when I met serious leaders with vision, that I’m now living in a world where leaders are judged on the speed of their press releases and the blandness of their comments.

It’s not as if the change has come about because the world has become a better and less violent place, it’s come about because we have a media who judges leaders not on their moral or visionary stands but on their professionalism in handling vaguely embarassing “revelations,” and how they can spin the latest unemployment figures, or lack of climate change committment. Nowadays leaders think they will be forgiven if they wholeheartedly support carbon trading, or some similar sop, after years of not only ignoring the cc figures but ridiculing them.

The most absurd aspect of this is that although we’re crying out for real leaders on issues like terrorism, climate change, war, education, health, all we are served up are those skilled in the timing of press releases and the self-denigrating grin.

They may have all been innovative once but they have been trained by self-serving bureaucrats to assume the sensitivity of a frightened public service.


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