My prophetic claim on nuclear waste for Australia

Evidence of my assertion that Australia will be the planet’s nuclear waste dump is now supported by growing evidence. Remember when George Bush visited Australia for APEC and we were warned (advised) Australia would become a member of GNEP (the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership) but we would not be taking waste. However the signing of the GNEP by Australia in Vienna means we are totally ruled by that body. Oh, and as The Age’s Katharine Murphy points out today, we will be a member, “in a way that provides for safe operations of nuclear power plants and management of wastes.”*

She also reports that Australia’s agreement was slightly different to that signed by the others.

However as I’ve previously stated the defence agreement Australia signed with America also contained nuclear provisions.

The nuclear strategy is unfolding in exactly the way I claimed in my highly researched novel, The Devil’s Trap .. set to catch friends. See how agriculture is being downgraded in the way I prophesised. The next part of the spin is that we will be told, “seeing how we’re losing one industry (agriculture) we should take another (nuclear waste).”

* These are the words contained in the agreement we signed.


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