We’ve triggered the planet’s tipping point claims expedition leader

I’m wanting to believe that climate change has several triggers, like a double-barelled shotgun. The first trigger has been pulled. This is from Earl de Blonville, a five time expedition leader to the Arctic and the leader of Australia’s first Arctic expedition. (This involved expedition members kayaking around Greenland until stopped by ice.) He claims the tipping point of the planet has passed us by. I’m hoping that there are other triggers and we can prevent ourselves from pulling them.

Problem is our present leaders are behaving as if we have years of opportunity to save our present lifestyle. We don’t. Two months ago scientists believed that the ice in the Arctic wouldn’t all disappear until 2050; then it was 2030; and now scientists are claiming (unofficially, but soon to be revealed) that it will be gone in 2020. So, no ice white shield to prevent the sun’s rays heating the earth.

In an interview soon to be posted on You Tube he gives his evidence.

Next year Earl is leading the Arctic Climate Change Expedition 2008 (www.arcticexplorer.net). The reason for the expedition is to educate possible leaders for the time when we are living with extreme weather conditions.


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