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Countries without unions and with crippling human rights laws end up poverty stricken
October 31, 2007

Let’s straighten a few things out on unions and police states. The first is pretty easy. Name one country with an affluent lifestyle that doesn’t have strong unions? You can’t. China can’t be claimed because most people there live in poverty. Their provinces to the west are horrendously poor. We’re getting into this one because the prime minister of Australia, John Howard, is union bashing on his lead up to the election.

When did Australia begin moving forward economically? Easy, when unions became strong. When did all the other affluent countries bergin moving forward? Yes, unions again.

Why? Well for a country to become affluent you require people to become consumers. The more they consume the wealthier the country. Unions enable the majority of the working class people to be able to consume. The more money to be spent the richer people become, although there are the disadvantaged who always have a hard time.

In police states there is a decline in entrepreneurship. The reason is that entrepreneurs don’t want to be noticed by envious authority figures and busted or oppressed by the need for bribes and similar pay-outs. In police states movement and ideas are restricted so that communications between people doesn’t fully develop. Lacking that dynamism innovative individuals are not recognised or encouraged. Look at China again. Only the favoured (comparatively very few) are becomng wealthy. Now watch China as its water supplies are depleted.

The wealthy countries like the US, the UK, and Australia (because of the mining boom) don’t yet know their human rights have been eroded, for it’s only just begun. They have only been a police state for the last few years, so the real corruption hasn’t set in. Sure we’ve seen the appalling treatment of a few individuals but we don’t yet see any of this happening to us. How could we be arrested, tortured, rendered, and generally abused, we’ve done nothing? Well, to find out the truth read Richard Flanagan amazing novel, The Unknown Terrorist. It’s actually faction in the most rivetting sense.


Brumby and the Melbourne Club browbeat Bracks over the Bay dredging – and Cargo Cultism prevailed
October 31, 2007

Premier Brumby (as treasurer)has been pushing for the dredging of Port Phillip Bay from the moment the Port of Melbourne imagined it would increase trade because bigger ships carry more. It didn’t matter that we don’t export much manufacturing at all, or that the only country that would need its bigger ships visiting – China – would have very little to export to Australia compared to America, and that the ships would be so empty when they arrived at our small port that no matter how big they were they wouldn’t need a dredged channel to unload at Melbourne’s docks. No matter all this, the bureaucractic drongos went down the path of the innocent New Guinea natives who built airstrips on mountain peaks to attract the planes that gave away food and equipment. Their condition was called that of Cargo Cult. We’re doing the same thing, building deep channels in the hope that the big ships will visit.

It’s interesting to note that former premier Bracks would have been concerned that Williamstown’s beachfront houses would be wiped out in storm and tidal surges given that he lived in Williamstown which was part of his electorate. I’ve witnessed water crossing the beachfront roads at Williamstown under those conditions, and that’s before dredging, and before the near-future sea level rises brought about by the melting of Arctic ice.

It’s always been my contention that premier Bracks resigned because of pressure from now premier Brumby on the dredging of Port Phillip Bay. He was a comparatively decent politician and would hardly have agreed to risk destroying his own suburb. The pressure though, from the Melbourne Club members, plus the sheepdog sychophant Brumby, whose staff denigrated Bracks at every turn, was something a sensible politician wouldn’t entertain. However he tried, for he organised three genuine investigative panels who gave us the dreadful dangers of proceeding. Brumby walked all over those inquiries. He must therefore be the individual blamed for the killing of Port Phillip Bay. The killing begins the moment the dredges begin their world’s third best practice dredging. The best would be to take the contaminated muck out of the Bay waters. But no, they’re redistributing it around the Bay.

I spoke to premier Bracks some weeks before his resignation. My wife and I had coffee with him at Talbot’s London House. He was then a man who was changing. He was relaxed and beyond the focus of State politics. We discussed, with he and his wife Terry, whether he would see the Talbot Puma on his bicycle ride back to his brother-in-laws place near Creswick. I didn’t mention the dredging of Port Phillip Bay because the documentary I had produced and directed on the possibility of an Exxon Valdez in Port Phillip Bay had been argued over at a Williamstown ALP meeting, and Terry had taken a personal copy from my wife’s bookshop.

The real experts on Bay dredging were disregarded by those taking recent evidence. The key witness was Captain Frank Hart, a former harbour master, who spoke from experience on one of the world’s worst and most dangerous stretches of water. He was undermined by those who said he was a former harbour master and didn’t know how things were now. He had been out of the job for a year.

Premier Brumby has been warned; he’s been told that those pilots who tried the new navigation gear to be installed on the bigger ships, all failed, running aground many times. If we do have fully loaded tankers entering port we risk an Exxon Valdex for the Great Sands are waiting for them either side of the dredged channel.

Fiddling as our planet our planet dies and our media worries about interest rates
October 30, 2007

As the election closes upon us we’re about to elect those who fiddle while Rome burns, John Howard or Kevin Rudd. The climate change tipping point has passed us by and they’re not going to sign Kyoto unless the developing countres do. If you haven’t understood, you foreign affairs retards, undeveloped countries envy the consumer goods we still revel in, and whose manufacture we still encourage. In this country see the giant paper mill decision and the destructive dredging of Port Phillip Bay. With those decisions in train how can anyone expect developing countries to do any more than we do – nothing, but lust after opportunities to trade and die. The carbon trading joke is so pathetic no one is even mentioning it anymore.

I suppose we fiddle but Bush still destroys (for a start the Wars produce global warming gases more dangerous than carbon dioxide and no one is studying it). He wouldn’t talk to Rudd or Howard over climate change because he didn’t want to. The most powerful man in our universe and he won’t give direction (well, not tallking about it gave it a direction I suppose – drop it.) Our gutless wonders didn’t press him.

And so as we head to ultimate disaster in 20/20 ( see reports coming out of the Arctic and from Earl de Blonville ( on You Tube by the weekend) and still we’re not planning to live with extreme weather conditions. Our media tell us we’re only worrying about rising housing rate (in Australia) although really most of us who have followed climate change are frightened of losing the planet.

The disaster of climate change is overlooked by democratic and tyrannous leaders
October 29, 2007

All leaders, whether democratic or tyrannous, are failing the planet on climate change. In Australia, one of the worst effected countries – many areas entering their tenth year of drought – neither Prime Minister Howard, or Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, are conscious of the dire state we’re in. If we have the same spring next year as we had this year the cities are going to be short of food and water. Cities may not, in fact, be viable at all in the future, without subsidised food and water.

There are ways for those with a backyard to grow sufficient food for a family provided the household can afford the water. For more than a decade collecting water in tanks was banned in the city because of the air pollution that rain brings to the ground. It means that governments and institutions are ten years behind the game. Academics claim that a new idea takes about a decade to be accepted . If this is so we’re going to discover how the tipping point effects us very soon. Without power the houses that have not provided for life without heating and cooling become places of rather harrowing shelter. Our housing designs are no longer taking into account the climate. They are not designed to catch every breeze in summer (like many of Robin Boyd’s designs) and funnel them through the house, nor do they have any styles of overhang or verandahs to keep rooms cool.

A family without food becomes something else; it is no longer a participant in the community but becomes a group who are prepared to do anything to survive.Country living becomes attractive for several reasons. They have always had tanks, often times enough to keep a garden and a few animals growing.People tend to band together in small communities to help each other. In the cities often neighbors barely know each other.

Conned by State Government’s use of channel deepening instead of dredging
October 27, 2007

We and the local media have been conned by the Port of Melbourne Authority and the Victorian government, for we are talking about channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay rather than dredging. Channel-deepening is rather innocuous really: we are deepening a channel, putting more water into it: that’s a good image. Dredging on the other hand is the technical term for how the work is carried out. It also has the image of digging, scraping, crushing and dirtying the water. Those actions do accompany dredging.

It’s not a new thing but we’ve been taken in hook,line and sinker, although there will be few fish in the bay, after the dredging, to take even a small hook (shocking punning attempt).

However like “collateral damage” instead of “civilians killed”, the channel deepening term has delayed protests to keep the Bay clean. The protests have been ordered and passionless and so the Victorian government has ignored them. However just think of channel deepening as meaning losing species (the dolphins evolved in Port Phillip Bay and are unique), losing the beach, beachside houses (back three blocks in ten years) for a greater volume of water will be in the bay for storms and tidal surges and straight out sea level rises, when all the Arctic has melted from Greenland and surrounds in ten years..

Earl de Blonville on Climate change and the tipping
October 27, 2007

Earl de Blonville, five time leader of expeditions to the Arctic, will be on You Tube very soon with his comments on the tipping point and how to survive climate change. The filmed interview is in the last stages of editing. There will be a sequence of three films, each of approx nine minutes.

Earl also talks on leadership and the psychology of adventuring. The short overun on timing we hope only makes the anticipation more pleasurable.

Burma’s calm streets mean secret murder and torture
October 27, 2007

The Rangoon streets being empty a month after Burma’s deadly pro-democracy demonstration doesn’t mean everything is calm. It means that the murder and torture continue out of sight. The UN expects pro-democracy leader, Aung Sang Su Kyi, to become part of a reconciliation plan with the military junta. The hypocrisy of such an expectation shows how the UN is only interested in the appearance of calm in countries without oil or uranium.

Burma is to be sacrificed by the UN. Their special envoy was not only ignored by the junta but whisked off to the country until their slaughter of Buddist monks, women and children could be carried out in secrecy. Was their a protest from them? No, the visit was declared a success.

When is the media going to defy the official spin and begin reporting what it knows. It’s quite valid to report oppression where the protesters have disappeared and cannot even be found celebrating their great gesture of defiance against the inhuman and corrupt junta. Let’s hear it for the people you miserable UN bastards. You only broker deals for the powerful.

Pig-sticking Premier Brumby is at play on Port Phillip Bay and if we lose its water quality I’ll hound him (verbally) forever
October 27, 2007

The Brumby state government is about to begin the destruction of Port Phillip Bay. He proudly announces his dredging decision, under quoting the $1.3 billion project by close to half a billion. In his boyscout version of the world you only have to have activity to motivate progress, a different and more primitive version of the cargo cult mentality. He’s forgotten about the environment and how it’s turning on human activity on the planet.

Apart from leaving Bay waters open to an Exxon Valdez scenario (outlined by Captain Frank Hart, a former harbour master, and weatherman and geomorphologist Rob Gell in my documentary, The Last Good Summer) and a clean-up outlay of close to 15 billion, which sort of puts in the shade the profit of an extra $1 billion over ten years for the city. Discarded is the thought of the human element in any disaster. For the Exxon Valdez there was a drunk sea captain, for the Bay is the appalling pilots’ record of not being able to negotiate the new channel in a computer mock-up. Time and time again, using the new navigatioal gear they ran aground (in front of the environmental panel, who somehow found in their minds the capacity to forgive such dreadful incompetence).

This doesn’t take into account the filthy waters we will have in the Bay for years, even a chance the bay will die. In the environmental reports they hint at that, but like governments who are attempting to disguise the terrible fact that we have let the tipping point for the planet go by, they stylisticaly perform verbal somersaults to disguise the between the lines truths.

The boyscout view of business is pretty much the attitude that Baden Powell (founder of the boyscouts) uses in his book Pigsticking for Beginners, saying it was a great outdoor sport for the youth of his day. If you were in India you could chase the wild pigs until they were exhausted and then charge them with your horse and spear them. So in the Bay we can dredge the environment of our bay creatures and poison or starve them to death. Who gives a stuff, for the money will be pouring in.

Problem is because of climate change the world is at the point of catastrophe (take a look at the evidence fellow pigstickers) and there will be no need for big ships for imports because there will be no money to buy anything. And as for exports, well, we won’t be manufacturing anything for export because lately we just don’t do that.
It means there’s no reason to dredge the bay for bigger ships anyway.

And if you’d like to know how global warming is going to effect bay waters with greater volumes moving irrevocably down the bay, it’s been calculated that the first three blocks from the beach sand will be in danger. Isn’t anyone listening?

I’ve warned Premier Brumby that is we lose the bay quality and its creatures with his environmental terrorism I’ll hound him (verbally) forever. That goes for those who have failed the results of the bay’s investigative processing. See you around.

Rudd’s embedded media are unaware they’re controlled.
October 26, 2007

It’s extraordinary the way the media travelling with Rudd laps up the embedded nature of their tour. They find it amusing they don’t know where they’re bound or at what time. Whether they should wear shoes or thongs. Haven’t they realised it’s all about control of coverage by a staff who do’t want the real policies examined.

Captured as they are by Rudd’s spin team they are no longer thinking for themselves. Those who are controlling their day are also controlling their questions. How many climate change questions are asked or answered. While the whole country – except coastal north Queensland – are beginning to swelter in what is to be a never-ending drought. Yes, read the panic among climate scientists.; so panicked they have held back on the bad news for months, which allowed farmers to spend billions on preparation for new crops, unnecessarily.

Those holding back the no rain news, ostensibly so there wouldn’t be a mass suicide of farmers, should now be sued for the amonts of money optimistic farmers spent on their properties.

It’s a little like not telling the next generations that we have drifted by the tipping point of the planet because they may no longer have hope – or faith – when the real reason is the next generation will wake up to the fact that they can blame the slack politicians and bureaucrats for the approaching predicament. Our Rudd embedded media are not using their “scones” and the next generations will also blame you for not using your power to expose.

Humour gave us back the true Jihad Jack, and depleted a nasty authority
October 25, 2007

If humour is about laughter there’s a new province to be exploited. My laughter is coming harder and faster when I read about powerful people being nailed for their hypocrisy. My laugh is even stronger if I nail them myself.

There is an uneasiness though and it kicks in if the aspects I’ve discovered have been harming others. Then I have to resort to explaining to myself that those that have been hurt will enjoy their exposure. However there is the element that perhaps they’re no longer around to enjoy the laughter of seeing their persecutors deflated.

The Chasers (The Chasers’ War on Everything) have given me a lasting laugh, one I carry with me and can produce whenever I need it. It began when they were chasing down Jack Thomas, or Jihad Jack, who was a great character around the suburb of Williamstown, Melbourne, where I once lived. In fact the alleged terrorist used to sell me batteries, shavers, radios in the local electrical store. I saw him once in Arab uniform walking by the coffee shops and smiling at the young women.

I was told he was becoming a Muslim to win a Muslim chick.

So then he was caught in Afghanistan, trying to flee the country, for he had been flirting with military training there (remember the Americans had been there and had helped the country beat the Russians (something of an attraction for a young hero). For his troubles, although he had never hurt anyone, he received a rendering and obviously some suitable torture that Americans allowed then – curtesy of Cheney – you know, being submerged under water with the thought they may drown you. Harmless stuff really.

So, the Australian legal system caught up with him, and told him he was not allowed to phone Osama bin Laden. This beauty came from Dead Brains Ruddock and the Federal police.

So the Chasers stake out Jack’s home and when he arrives in his car they follow it up the drive way (camera’s point of view). As he steps from the vehicle Osama bin Laden rushes to him and accusingly says, “Jack, Jack, you haven’t rung me lately.” Naturally it is one of the Chasers in Osama’s gear.

And Jack, who we have been assured is a killer, screams with laughter, as I do, and half the nation does. It is one in the eye for the most depleted politician we have ever had before us, Nasty Rudd, who has taken away from us most of our democratic freedoms and so brought the terrorists periously close to winning, for they have taken away our human rights.

Jack goes on to say, “Hey fellas I’d love to ask you into tea but I have to take my wife to the doctor.” Humour, and the response to it, has completely restored Jack’s image as a good bloke. It is the only weapon we have and if you’re one of those who are exposing those like Dead Brains Ruddock, laugh a little.