Scarce water will cause major social disruptions

I live in a small community where water is getting scarce. Already there have been thefts of water. An aquifer that supplied a large town to the north for decades and then closed was recently reactivated. A Chinese protien factory (protien from blood of animals and bound for China) has been alloted the water that was to be for our town. The anxiety as the drought clouds disappear over head without rain is becoming palpable. All conversations are peppered with talk of water. Schemes are proposed to take water. A nearby shire had water stored for its gardens and sports grounds. Recently it was all taken (stolen).

For corporations and governments to imagine that climate change will arrive without the break down of society’s structures is dreaming. Further north still the State government plans to take river and irrigation water from farmers to supply drinking water to a city of three million. Does anyone suspect that we are being fooled by the authorities? Those farmers are planning major transport disruption. All this before any official recognition of the dire water shortages.


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