Gunns have avoidable environmental conditions imposed – but they convinced Malcolm and Gullible Garret

The spin from polluter Gunns, Peter Garret and Malcolm Turnbull over the environmental conditions on the world’s largest pulp mill is astonishingly predictable. Every one of the conditions are avoidable. It reminds me of a story I wrote on the tobacco industry for The Age. Legislation was passed not allowing them to use underage girls in their ads. All they did to reach their desired demographic was use legally overage girls who looked underage.

Taking the technique along to Gunns let’s have a look at what they’ll do. The most environmental friendly condition is that “Noise generating activities must stop if a whale, seal or dolphin approaches defined safety zones.” To avoid this one is to simply not see any of the above. Or will they employ staff on scheduled times to stare at the sea and river? I don’t think so. And what will they do at night when no one can see any of the creatures? Come on, who believes such patent spin?

Okay let’s look at the real horseshit: Submission of an environmental impact management plan. So, what happens if it doesn’t meet criteria. Ah, but it will. Look how their crap convinced Turnbull, and Gullible Garret etc.

One beauty is that “the mill can be shut down if it does not meet conditions.” Really, like John Cain in his drive for premier of Vicoria promised industry would be shut down if pollution levels were over those required for healthy living. Well industry wasn’t closed down ever, despite conditions being well over the limit on many occasions in summer.

“Appointment of an independent site supervisor to monitor Gunns’ compliance with conditions,” is another beauty. If he’s a Gunns’ man or woman there will be no shut down. If he’s government employed there will be no shut down if he/she wants to further his or her career. Remember Kevin Rudd and Julia Guillard are behind Gunns as well. One of Julia’s good friends is a forestry union man.

“Surveys conducted on presence of central northg burrowing crayfish and Mouth Arthur burrowing crayfish.” What will a survey do to help their survival if they’re dramatically affected? You see, Gunns will be conducting the survey and they’ll find what they want to find in exactly the same hypocritical way as Malcolm Turnbull did in allowing Gunns to see the environmental statement before those in opposition to the pulp mill, when he had stated quite categorically all parties would receive it at the same time. Giving Gunns a week’s start enabled them to cobble together such basic bullshit as the above. I’ve never seen such basic lies from a politican so early in his career. Malcolm be warned. Peter Garret be warned. You guys aren’t going anywhere. The public may even go with their present liar – why change any animal at all if the stripes are the same?

And please, let’s impose a dioxin tissue search on local people and animals if the mill is not stopped.


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