Peter Cundall hears Turnbull’s personal opinion on the pulp mill.

Peter Cundall presenter of the Australian Broadcasting Corporations television gardening program recently spoke to Malcolm Turnbull, Minister of Environment, about Gunns’ 1.7 billion proposed pulp mill in Tasmania, and Cundall was told he didn’t like the mill going ahead but that the Tamar valley aspect was not part of the brief he had to consider. What a pathetic wanker Turnbull is. Fancy having that belief and yet approving it. He goes out with a rocket concealed in the most secret part of him. Still, it’s what self-important politicians are all about. That goes for Gullible Garrett.

Check out ABC News to see if they use the story. If they don’t tell them you heard it on 774 just after 9.00 am.

Gullible has killed himself as a worthy environmentalist for this country. He could have proclaimed dioxin as the most potently awful chemical on earth. It has no safe levels and will prevail along the Tasmanina coast. As I’ve previously explained we don’t even have a lab in Australia that is safe enough to contain a dioxin search.

I pledge to get rid of Gullible from any position of power. Who the stuff does he think he is to reverse his beliefs in pursuit of power? Hasn’t anyone told him it doesn’t work that way, for you only become a hollow man? Unless he really is gullible and believes the guff about whales being sighted and the noise in the plant being shut down. What about a night visiting whale?


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