Gullible Garrett, Slick Turnbull and Pointblank Gunns will sicken Tasmania with their industrial terrorism

Remember, when Tasmanians come down with horrible effects of dioxin, that Gullible Garrett, Slick Turnbull and Pointblank Gunns were the ones who allowed Tasmania’s environment to sicken. It is an act of terrorism by any definition. Remember, and punish with all the power of the media, the ballot box, the courts, and whatever other tricks come to mind. These horrible hypocrites have not investigated dioxin for its incapacity to be discovered in tissue in any lab in Australia. They’ve been told. I even have answers to my letters from Slick and Gullible and they don’t address the dioxin concern.It’s all pure spin.

The dirty tricks being foisted on us include the pathetic “stringent” conditions that are to be imposed. One illustration: if whales, dolphins, or any other air breathing creature comes close to the mill all noise will cease. Just how will they know at night, or any other time, unless they have a whale seeking group within the company. Of course they would drive the whales and their calves out of earshot in an illegal hassling of whales. Do you really think they’ll do anything unless the government have a monitoring group to monitor those monitoring whales? Apply this logic to all the other “stringent” conditions.


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