The Planet’s Tipping Point Is Behind Us

A climate expedition I was to accompany to Greenland has been postponed until high summer in the northern hemisphere. Talking to several scientists, those involved in the expedition, and green groups founded to educate us on climate change, I’ve discovered there is a secret: many believe we are passing the tipping point, from which there is no return for the planet’s climate system.

They have dilemmas. Who do they tell? Do they tell the children? How will they tell governments and corporations who have placed their hopes in carbon trading (this attempt to do something is universally laughed at. Afterall it is only a system to have corporations pay to pollute, and that expense will naturally be passed to consumers)?

If the tipping point is fast disappearing behind us (that means we have set in motion those systems that will now operate to destroy our climate no matter what solutions we offer) it means we have to learn to survive the way the Innuit and the Australian aborigines do. For instance there is no planning; we live day to day because our plans could be destroyed so quickly we can only be opportunistic in obtaining food. Aaah, but we’ve destroyed the herds of creatures that could live without our help. Our cattle, sheep and domestic animals and birds will die unless we feed and water them.

Okay, so where do we begin? We should be thinking about it, and we don’t have long.


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