A Suckholes path to Prime Ministership

Now we’re seeing the nasty side of Kevin Rudd, opposition leader. He’s mentally mincing into relations with Asia. Does he really believe that all the Indonesians, or any other countries citizens, arrested for terrorism, are terrorists? Yes he does but the evidence shows different. We, the US, Indonesia, China and Pakistan have such second-nature corruption, and yet want to be seen as efficient, that we do deals with those who are close to simple, or have managed to get themselves into compromising situations. Terrorists, we shriek, but many who die are not. On our side they died under a CIA rendering process that was illegal and catastrophic. And no, our government hasn’t complained about it. We want to be seen as followers … of anything more powerful countries are up to. After all we want to continue the Gallipolli tradition.

Australians who don’t read or follow politics closely have no capacity for true appraisal, so let me show you an individual who developed a leader’s smile late in life and who has now closed down transparency in his own party in a way that can only suggest he is about to become an Australian politican who is already a cliche (and he uses enough of them). Problem is he thinks he’s saying what we want to hear.

His mates, the Chinese, execute their dissidents in the street with a bullet to the back of the head, fifty at a time. I landed in China in 1973, a day after, according to Margaret Jones of The Sydney Morning Herald, fifty dissidents, labelled thieves by China, were shot in public in an urban street. It became a continuing custom and hasn’t died out to this day, although we imagine having a famous sporting event may help them through this phase. Our shy and fearful opposition leader speaks mandarin and wouldn’t like to speak intimately about such things with Chinese leaders. The only suckhole that could be worse than Rudd as PM, is John Howard.


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