Port Phillip Bay a victim of power hungry Melburnians acting with the motivations of delinquents

Power hungry Melburnians give little thought to how the dredging in Port Phillip Bay will decimate the dolphins that evolved in its waters. These mammals are unique to Port Phillip Bay. There are no other dolphins in the world who have their unique markings or culture. This is outlined in my documentary, The Last Good Summer. These creatures will not be able to maintain health while the dredging occurs. As the first two environmental reports indicated, the Bay will be in poor condition for years (those reports have been sidelined by the Port of Melbourne, and those individuals involved in those machinations deserve punishment for their criminal acts). These animals cannot decide to move to other more inhabitable waters. Port Phillip Bay is their neighborhood and like us will live in their neighborhood (in the watery ghetto) while it deteriorates. They will adapt but their off-spring will be born with those genetic mutilations that the chemicals that lie in layers in the Yarra and Maryibyrnong river outlets have in store for them.

Those chemicals and heavy metals have lain undisturbed for many decades. The dredging will release them into the waters that the dolpins use to feed and play – and upon which we also play. I for one will remember the individuals who are behind this play. I recommend they be named for their delinquency.


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