A loving flotilla must take on Brumby’s dredging

If those who love Port Phillip Bay want to save it they can begin by launching a flotilla of recreational vessels, sail boats etc, to attend, from a safe distance, the dredging that will soon begin. The film shot and recorded will be evidence enough of what is happening and will continue to happen for years if the government delinquents are not stopped by ordinary, good-willed individuals.

Don’t be deterred by the new Brumby legislation to be introduced by his acolyte, Tim Pallas, that threatens immense fines for those who transgress closer than 1.4 k’s to a dredge, or 12 k’s to a fixed point, for there are not enough official boats to check those who are bunched together, or even separate for that matter.

So, if you want to enjoy your yachting and fishing over the next few decades, begin putting a stop to the government’s and Brumby’s overriding hubris and put in place some civil disobedience (non-violent). If you don’t the Bay waters will be dead within a very short time and to travel on it will invite disease and poisoning. And when in 2020 there is no more ice in the Arctic (Yes, the Arctic and in 2020) and the Bay is flooded, like the rest of the earth, the disease and poison will enter the bayside suburbs. Sorry folks but it is time to protest. Leaving it to the puerile efforts of Blue Wedge invites the coming disaster.


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