Bali bombing unsolved – and how

This anniversary of the Bali bombing has revealed the corruption in the alleged solving of the slaughter. As I’ve posted before we have to understand that solving crimes in Indonesia is undertaken in the most convenient way. If there is a crime to be solved you can bet they’ll have someone in the sights for it within a day or so. How? It’s simple, they have many individuals who owe the police and they can be called upon for crimes they didn’t commit because they have not previously been pursued. Imagine all those involved in the murdering and corruption in East Timor or Acheh and how they can be called upon to stand up for other crimes.

And how has the anniversary revealed that? See the news story, reported today, that Indonesia great terrorist pursuer, let all the accomplices in the Bali bombing out for lunch – with him. Isn’t that some sort of clue for Australians and other? Or perhaps it should be called a spit in the eye for us. The Indonesian military have always played games with us even if we do train their secret police (killers). And remember in the eighties how we released all the Indonesian military spies, that were discovered on fishing boats off the north west coast. It was a good Age story at the time.


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