John Howard’s born again concern for aborigines – and the wooing of wealthy bogans

PM John Howard has shown us with his pathetic gesture of including aborigines in the preamble to the Constitution (and from memory it doesn’t have a preamble) how we should never trust professional politicians. He is so corrupted that he didn’t ever attempt to investigate the plight of the aborigines despite the controversy over their treatment raging since the sixties. Was he out to lunch all that time? No, he was busy constructing a career for himself out of all the policies that the bogan voters considered important – mainly balancing an economy that was already riding high on the coat tails of America. It was a matter of placating wealthy bogans with his doltish smile. Anyone he smiled at knew they could take him for a ride on their issues anytime, unless you were black or disadvantaged in anyway.

Aborigines find it hard to walk down a suburban street unless they are in a group. I’ve heard them abused for nothing more than crossing apublic carpark. I’ve heard Indians abused because they looked like aboriginals. At school they are so scarced because they are picked on from moment one. Has Howard and the rest of his bogan crew walked around with their ears and eyes closed (they’ve certainly kept their mouth at work with their glib lies)?

In country towns they didn’t have any rights until the seventies. They weren’t allowed to movies (pictures), dances, the swimming pool, and police railroaded them out of town once their welfare cheques were spent. And this PM has the idiocy to expect us to believe that he is a born again lover of aborigines and their constitutional rights. Why? Because he knows the wealthy bogans are beginning to see the end of the planet coming upon them and feel that may be avoided if they begin to rectify all the wrongs they set in motion and consistently promoted. Of course they won’t support anything unless there are taxation compensations.


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