The laughable weaknesses of vain leaders

John Howard’s criticism of Rudd’s inexperience takes me back to Colin Powell laughing at Howard on one of our PM’s first visits to the US. Howard tried to get into his limousine through the wrong door, the one that left him vulnerable on the roadway. Powell’s smirk turned to laughter. It said it all: what a fucking goat Australia has sent us. Not that Rudd’s experience is anything more than learned and sterile social behaviour. And weren’t we proud that he left the pole-dancing club unblemished? Hey, this lad has avoided human error so interminably he is actually vulnerable to everything, including overwhelming vanity. How dare he have a staff who release demands on Parliamentary members that they not indulge in free speech. And he’s quite sanguine about it – as if it doesn’t point to the inherent weakness in all our parties but the Greens (of which I’m not a member).


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