Labor and Libs criminally neglectful of the planet

The Greens have been right about the environment for decades, and the Labor and Liberal Party have been wrong. Who would you trust to begin the war to save the planet? The Greens say climate change is here and the ALP and Libs say it may not be and, anyway, it’s possible it’s not the fault of human activity. Well, it doesn’t matter who caused it, it’s here, it has tipped and we have to learn to live with extreme weather conditions.

Who has been studying extreme weather conditions for decades and telling us how to rachet down our opulent lifestyles? The Greens. Who discovered climate change as an election issue this year? Labor and the Libs.

Who have based their very existence on looking after the environment? The Greens. Who have tacitly agreed to the most wretchedly polluting pulp mill in the world, a few weeks ago (aren’t they sincere on the environment)? Labor and the Libs. Their policies criminally neglect the population of the planet. It would seem the choice is easy. I once imagined I shouldn’t vote for the Greens because they would never have power. A totally ridiculous response to the ever increasing threat of climate change. Let’s not be stupidly predictable Australians; let’s vote with the climate in mind.

And if you think it’s not the most polluting pulp mill in the world just ponder the fact that the others who have committed to best practice don’t use the most evil and killing chemical in the world, dioxin (don’t believe me? look it up)

I can say all these things because I’m not and never have been a member of the Greens.


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