Are Maories preparing to eat more missionaries? Or are they just having hunting fun in the bush?

The laughable inadequacy of New Zealand’s terrorist response is reflected everywhere on the planet. To anyone who has experience with the police (I’ve been a crime reporter in Australia and Canada) the “anti-terrorist” raid was nothing more than a fishing expedition. There have been no early charges and gee they found people with guns and and gear to make Molotov cocktails (that would be coke bottles, rags and oil based products).

The New Zealand authorities will be nobbled with charges of racism. They did afterall pick up an activist leader, Tame Iti, because they discovered a bomb had been exploded at a mountain retreat (sorry, guerilla training camp). It would, I suppose, be interesting to police to know that in Australia last year a High School teacher made a bomb – out of curiosity – and exploded it in the bush. He thought it huge fun.

The worst they’re going to discover is that there are a few Maoris who are preparing for the white people who will swamp them in the bush – when climate change worsens –
looking for food. After all the white men murdered them last time they wanted their country. Maoris are particularly sensitive to ther cultures being tilted. I remember from history that they used to prepare missionaries as considerable delicacies for their celebratory feasts.


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