Wild dolphins for Dubai’s desert hole

Sadam Hussien lit his oilfields up during the first gulf war, letting all the oil from coastal depots and wells drain into The Gulf. The Texas oil company that cleaned up the mess only recovered 10% of the lost oil, the rest of heavy crude is still swirling around on the bottom of the Gulf destroying sea life. It’s the reason the swish hotel in Dubai (Dubbay) has to import wild dolphins for containment for the amusement of guests. It has none of its own.

No one appears to respect the environment in any way at all. They open their hypocritical blubbermouths and say yes, yes, global warming, but let’s get some dolphins in from the Solomons to make this desert we live on the edge of look as if it’s really a diverse environment. This is no reflection on Dubai residents who are no different from the hypos from America, Australia, Russia, China etc. etc. Our politicans have to be changed quickly otherwise we’ll be living with these small raids on our more exotic environments every step to oblivion.


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  1. Very well written.
    Askin Ozcan
    Author of:
    The Second Venice, Small Miracles, Wisdom In Smile,
    Stockholm Stories, Lightning and a Bouquet of Roses

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