China culpable for Burma’s murderous oppression

China is culpable for the murder and mayhem that is occurring in Burma. The military junta wouldn’t have had the gall to close down the media links without the support of a huge power equally guilty of human rights violations. China speaks and the militarily weak America and its cohort the UN (and the west generally) back down.

Now we will have the tyrannical junta using its secret police to dispose of its opposition. It’s not as if we haven’t known all this for decades. Our own Bob Hawke (former PM), always quick to spot an opportunity for a dollar, made commercial approaches to Burma to fatten his pockets. He had been an exponent of human rights. And it’s that very behaviour that allows dictators to justify their existence for they know that if there is enough money in the offing former idealistic politicians will cave in to corruption. Why should they not do the same?

Who can Burma appeal to in their fight for democracy? Not our governments because they don’t have oil. Perhaps the voters in the west? Well, only if you’re prepared to harass the politicans you will or not be voting for in the near future. Use your strength or dwindle away.


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