Latest Age Nielsen poll shows brothel Australia right on target with added orgasmic delights

Brothel keeper John Howard has offered his staff more money in the hand. And they’re allowed to keep it, at the expense of the sick, those with learning difficulties, our poorly equipped soldiers, and our roads. Kevin Rudd must come up with a similar offer or pole dancing venues will be closed to him.

Howard has learned a great deal about Australians as he pimped for us with America. Offer them money. It’s a foregone conclusion,if it’s enough. Malcolm Fraser learned the hardway. His pantless adventure in the US was a real learning curve for him. He offered us a mass media campaign of a hand giving money to his brothel staff and we went for it.

This visit Howard and Rudd offered the more expensive whores the world’s biggest polluting pulp mill, plus dioxin, the best date rape drug on the market. The innocence of Gullible Garret and Slick Turnbull, minor pimps in the game, was a rare sight to behold. They wet their pants at the orgasmic delight of folding before a client’s bulging wallet.

Treasurer Costello is not immune to pole dancing and whips. He is deeply affected by our love of the game. It was him though, tricky bum lad that he is, who devised a way to give money with one hand and take it away when Australia’s concentration was confused by overwhelming excitement.


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