Werribee’s sexual triumvirate will have lawyers with fevered imaginations

Werribee’s sexual triumvirate are about to punish themselves in the way they punished their victim. They’re going to voluntarily hang themselves out to dry. Pleading not guilty, unlike their sensible cohorts, means all the evidence of their excrutiating behaviour will be revealed to the court.

There are some women who enjoy the performances of many men at one time, and of course they are always leaving themselves at risk to such sadism from society’s macho minority, when their only motivation is watching boys at work.

That aside, these silly boys are not the only victims this time. Also being exposed will be their lawyers who are particularly excretory in cases like this. They attempt to humiliate the victim with assertions that they may have expected from a girl in their fevered imaginations. Well, this time they will be exposed for their private nastiness. This blog will have observers in what they hope will be their private performance space, and they will also be filmed in their places of work, just to be sure they can be identified by any more sadistic clients – say, from cruise ships – who indulge in such incomprehensible and boastful cruelty.


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