Australian soldiers performed water torture on Vietnamese woman.

The Australian’s extract from Paul Ham’s book on the media in Vietnam discounts the story of two Australian soldiers torturing a Vietnamese women in 1966, forcing water into her mouth through a gag that kept her mouth open. In fact the film was run on a local Bendigo television station then owned by the Victorian Broadcasting Network, an independent organisation, of which T.B. Green (my father) was a director. Later Skase joined as a director and my father resigned.

It was run on their late news, and it was so disgusting I immediately became active against the war in Vietnam.

After a stint on ABC television and The Age’s Newsday I joined Gordon Barton’s Sunday Observer (an anti-Vietnam weekly)as News Editor and Chief of Staff, with Editor, historian Michael Cannon. It was the first newspaper in the world to run the My Lai massacre shots. In the Observer they were run as a special magazine and we printed 2000,000 copies of it. Life magazine had previously run the shots but The London Times and The New York Times ran them later.

The previous week we ran a front page photograph of American soldiers throwing a Vietnamese out of a helicopter. All these shots were available but our conservative press left it to us to run them.


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