NAZI behaviour pardoned by parents

Parents these days have a fast closing of reality. Those in the children’s court over the rape, firing and urinating over a young girl, have decided to blame the girl. Where have they been for the past 30 years. Didn’t they(the parents) know – there are three kids who are pleading not guilty to these events – that they would feel quite bad and vengeful if their children had their hair set on fire, were urinated on, raped and forced to commit acts of sexual vassalage.

And they’re worried about their kids not being able to get jobs. If at mid-teens they don’t know the danger of setting a person’s hair on fire and raping them is some sort of Nazi mentality, and the possessor of such desires should never have a job, they need to be reducated beginning in the bubs grade (no, that would be a problem). Perhaps being made to live with their parents for ever is a type of justice.


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