Sad Australia couldn’t afford to decommission nuclear power plants.

Given that Australia could afford nuclear power there is a sad lapse in the logic of how it would end nuclear power (all the uranium will be depleted in 15 to 20 years). The power plants may cost tens of billions of dollars and we’d just scrape home with the money, but the problem is the decommissioning of the plants. The UK is planning to decommission 20 plants at an estimated cost of $150 billion (The Guardian), an estimate that has risen 17% in a year. Australia just wouldn’t be able to spend that much money with no return. And even if the companies building nuclear plants agreed to decommission, using world’s best practice, they would, like most firms feel it would be more profitable to go bust, even bankrupt, rather than spend the $15 billion dollars cleaning up each power plant. After all that’s how the big end of town does business. Their strict maxim is: don’t send good money after bad.


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