The Greens won the Howard/Rudd debate – the latter proved they were intimidated by Bush

The Greens won the debate between Prime Minister Howard and Opposition Leader Rudd. Neither Howard or Rudd were transparent on global change and each proved that they were frightened to take the issue to President Bush. Rudd said, in answer to Howard’s jibe that he had only spent moments on climate change when meeting with Bush, that Bush didn’t want to discuss climate change so he didn’t. Gee, how Australian – being intimidated by an American. The planet is being destroyed and he still followed etiquette. Some fighter.

Howard proved he was frightened of Bush, and doesn’t discuss climate change with him, by not taking Rudd to task over such behaviour. It was behaviour he understood. Bye bye world. We now have the Greens to teach us how to survive extreme weather conditions, which are growing daily.


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