Canberra journalists self-censor

Now we have the sight of Canberra journalists self-censoring in no uncertain way (See previous story, Rupert Murdoch’s John Hartigan….).The National Press Club has shown us the real culture of the media with their closing down on freedom of speech over the worm. It is now clear that those journalists working for Canberra’s media bureaus are adhering to what they imagined are the wishes of their contacts. It used to be the first instinct of any journalist to begin to rail against the first sign of brow beating by politicians. Now the journalists do their own brow beating. I guess it’s because the National Press Club has become an imposing institution. For what? For pretending they are as important as those on whom they reported. Guys, you used to be more important

I was a press secretary to a dpm in the seventies and when that individual rang proprietors to stop a major story (against my fervent advice) the memories of the senior journalists who had been by-passed were honed, and the moment he stepped out of line they destroyed him. Rightly so.

Towards the end of my time it used to be that peer group leaders were subtley manipulated so they would take their acolytes along with them. During the next Labor government those peer leaders were rewarded handsomely.


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