No nuclear power for Australia just the planet’s waste.

Malcolm Slick Turnbull has finally foreshadowed the news that we won’t be building nuclear power stations. My 2006 novel had already painted the scenario. Nuclear power for Australia would be promoted long enough for us to sign agreements on being the planet’s – America’s first – nuclear waste dump, and then disbanded. As The Devil’s Trap pointed out the US knew that our agriculture would disappear (they’ve been monitoring the Murray/Darling system for years) and a good argument for us taking the waste would be that we were swapping one industry for another.

Problem. Nuclear waste requires tending for 500,000 years. To place that in perspective the oldest man made buildings on the planet are the pyramids. They’re an estimated 10,000 years old. Because the cultures and the people change over the millenia we didn’t know what the pyramids were built for until the last hundred years when British archaeologists began investigating. Imagine how its going to be when the waste is buried (unsafely, for there is no evidence that we can store the stuff for longer than 50 years) in our deserts and generations have forgotten its there.In Washington State the waste was leaking into the Columbia river within a decade. The nuclear waste dumps will be built underground but above the central Australian water aquifers.

Still to be realised (as far as The Devil’s Trap is concerned) is that our savage anti-terror laws are really to stop protests against the storing and transport of such horrendously dangerous material.


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