Right about the planet’s nuclear waste, the destruction of our agricultural industries, and now a partnership of forgers in Toorak

I haven’t ever boasted about my prophetic novels. However the last, “The Devil’s Trap … set to catch friends”, laid out the spin that America and Australia are putting on the fact that finally the wide, brown land will be the planet’s nuclear waste dump. First there was the lurch towards having nuclear power. That feint has been replaced by: we’re not having nuclear power. This from Malcolm Slick Turnbull, our environmental Minister. But we’ve already signed a nuclear agreement with America and we will be taking their nuclear waste.

First they tried the gambit of, gee, if we lease our uranium to other countries we can take it back to store it. That is the most perverse commercial deal I’ve ever heard. We lease something valuable and take it back when it’s useless for anything but storing, and we pay for that. The spin on that is those who used it will pay for storage until …. they forget? they go broke? Remember it’s looking after a substance that can leak at any time for 500,000 years.

The novel was also right on the Murray/Darling river system and how we are about to lose our agriculture. So we swap our agricultural industry for the nuclear waste industry, otherwise we will be a poor nation. The Americans can do that with us because they have been studying our Murray/Darling river system for decades ( see ABC Rural hour -2004). They’ve monitored flow and salinity. You see they know we are a very handy country and they have a special bureaucracy to study what is happening here, and how we can be manipulated. (Who said, “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us.”)

But an unexpected prediction was that a couple were forging paintings in Toorak. Yep, I got the style of painting wrong and the fact that a woman wasn’t found murdered, but you get the accuracy.


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