Rudd’s embedded media are unaware they’re controlled.

It’s extraordinary the way the media travelling with Rudd laps up the embedded nature of their tour. They find it amusing they don’t know where they’re bound or at what time. Whether they should wear shoes or thongs. Haven’t they realised it’s all about control of coverage by a staff who do’t want the real policies examined.

Captured as they are by Rudd’s spin team they are no longer thinking for themselves. Those who are controlling their day are also controlling their questions. How many climate change questions are asked or answered. While the whole country – except coastal north Queensland – are beginning to swelter in what is to be a never-ending drought. Yes, read the panic among climate scientists.; so panicked they have held back on the bad news for months, which allowed farmers to spend billions on preparation for new crops, unnecessarily.

Those holding back the no rain news, ostensibly so there wouldn’t be a mass suicide of farmers, should now be sued for the amonts of money optimistic farmers spent on their properties.

It’s a little like not telling the next generations that we have drifted by the tipping point of the planet because they may no longer have hope – or faith – when the real reason is the next generation will wake up to the fact that they can blame the slack politicians and bureaucrats for the approaching predicament. Our Rudd embedded media are not using their “scones” and the next generations will also blame you for not using your power to expose.


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