Burma’s calm streets mean secret murder and torture

The Rangoon streets being empty a month after Burma’s deadly pro-democracy demonstration doesn’t mean everything is calm. It means that the murder and torture continue out of sight. The UN expects pro-democracy leader, Aung Sang Su Kyi, to become part of a reconciliation plan with the military junta. The hypocrisy of such an expectation shows how the UN is only interested in the appearance of calm in countries without oil or uranium.

Burma is to be sacrificed by the UN. Their special envoy was not only ignored by the junta but whisked off to the country until their slaughter of Buddist monks, women and children could be carried out in secrecy. Was their a protest from them? No, the visit was declared a success.

When is the media going to defy the official spin and begin reporting what it knows. It’s quite valid to report oppression where the protesters have disappeared and cannot even be found celebrating their great gesture of defiance against the inhuman and corrupt junta. Let’s hear it for the people you miserable UN bastards. You only broker deals for the powerful.


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