Conned by State Government’s use of channel deepening instead of dredging

We and the local media have been conned by the Port of Melbourne Authority and the Victorian government, for we are talking about channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay rather than dredging. Channel-deepening is rather innocuous really: we are deepening a channel, putting more water into it: that’s a good image. Dredging on the other hand is the technical term for how the work is carried out. It also has the image of digging, scraping, crushing and dirtying the water. Those actions do accompany dredging.

It’s not a new thing but we’ve been taken in hook,line and sinker, although there will be few fish in the bay, after the dredging, to take even a small hook (shocking punning attempt).

However like “collateral damage” instead of “civilians killed”, the channel deepening term has delayed protests to keep the Bay clean. The protests have been ordered and passionless and so the Victorian government has ignored them. However just think of channel deepening as meaning losing species (the dolphins evolved in Port Phillip Bay and are unique), losing the beach, beachside houses (back three blocks in ten years) for a greater volume of water will be in the bay for storms and tidal surges and straight out sea level rises, when all the Arctic has melted from Greenland and surrounds in ten years..


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