The disaster of climate change is overlooked by democratic and tyrannous leaders

All leaders, whether democratic or tyrannous, are failing the planet on climate change. In Australia, one of the worst effected countries – many areas entering their tenth year of drought – neither Prime Minister Howard, or Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, are conscious of the dire state we’re in. If we have the same spring next year as we had this year the cities are going to be short of food and water. Cities may not, in fact, be viable at all in the future, without subsidised food and water.

There are ways for those with a backyard to grow sufficient food for a family provided the household can afford the water. For more than a decade collecting water in tanks was banned in the city because of the air pollution that rain brings to the ground. It means that governments and institutions are ten years behind the game. Academics claim that a new idea takes about a decade to be accepted . If this is so we’re going to discover how the tipping point effects us very soon. Without power the houses that have not provided for life without heating and cooling become places of rather harrowing shelter. Our housing designs are no longer taking into account the climate. They are not designed to catch every breeze in summer (like many of Robin Boyd’s designs) and funnel them through the house, nor do they have any styles of overhang or verandahs to keep rooms cool.

A family without food becomes something else; it is no longer a participant in the community but becomes a group who are prepared to do anything to survive.Country living becomes attractive for several reasons. They have always had tanks, often times enough to keep a garden and a few animals growing.People tend to band together in small communities to help each other. In the cities often neighbors barely know each other.


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