Police and Minister exposed for shameful machinations over Haneef

The Mohammed Haneef episode highlights the gulf of ignorance our police have in coming to terms with innocent people being accused of terrorism. We’re not quite as bad as the UK where they shoot them (innocent individuals – and have procedure for how to do it). However we do get a set against individuals, or at least our politicians and police forces do, as they believe that anyone who is surrounded by criminal circumstances must be guilty, and they have no mental or bureaucractic procedure or reflex for removing such behaviour from their lexicon. Surely they should understand once the circumstances are explained or re-interpreted, their knee-jerk reactions must be modified.

But no, they were prepared to re-detain Haneef once the Magistrate allowed him bail
(you see they suspected he may get bail because they knew the circumstances of his arrest were really bodgy).

They (the Australian Federal Police) were really caught out by Hedley Thomas of The Australian newspaper, who quoted an e-mail from counter-terrorism co-ordinator to commanders of that same unit that: “Contingency for containing Mr Haneef and detaining him under the Migration Act, if it is the case he was granted bail on Monday, are in place as per arrangements today.” Thomas states that under the Migration Act, such a contingency necessarily needed to involve the Minister, Mr Andrews.

There’s the rub; it was a political/police operation and totally against our former democratic tenets of not mixing the State, the police and the courts. Luckily the courts haven’t yet been corrupted.

Of course the Minister said he wasn’t involved in the AFP contingencies but it is stretching the bow a bit to imagine a counter terrorist co-ordinator, wrongly claiming the consent of such a Minister. Of course Andrews said he wasn’t a part of the e-mail exercise, as if that excuses him. Hey, there are such things as a telephones and private meetings. Are we really expected to be so gullible Mr Andrews? But thanks for being part of a corrupt deal and letting us see how easily our rights can be removed. Like all local police forces it can be just how small time politics work. Unfortunately the new anti-terrorism legislation can make almost anyone appear to be guilty. It was just lucky for the wrongly arrested Haneef that he was a doctor of medicine and that he had given his SIM card (as people do give their cards to relatives or friends when leaving the UK) to his second cousin. Gee, a first cousin would have made him as guilty as hell, wouldn’t it have guys?


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