Murderous China reveals itself at funeral of Bao Zunxing

Chinese dissident, Bao Zunxing, proved the horribleness of the police state that will be in existence when the Olympic Games are on. Guests invited to his funeral were stopped by police. This is the only public sign you will see of the oppression that the Chinese live under. Free speech is virtually non-existent and the internet is controlled, with the connivance of Murdoch who was so desparate to extend his media empire,that he agreed to have his media outlets monitored and ruled by the Chinese authorities.

Bao Zunxing was one of the dissidents who revealed that Tianmen Square was a behind the scenes massacre. I wrote a screenplay of the event with a survivor of the massacre. His girlfriend saw the police shooting the injured in hospital beds and smuggled him out of the hospital with the aid of staff.

I was recently given the e-mail of an individual who apparently knew a great deal about Tianmen Square but my e-mail was returned as a misdirected e-mail. Let’s not imagine that this is a benign nation. It has developed its newfound – and many believe temporary wealth – on the blood of those who wanted to speak their minds.

Stay away from China during the Olympics. To visit there is to support a nation floating on the blood of recent victims.

It seems to me that as we punish individuals for murderous behaviour why don’t we punish nations? Is it that we don’t believe individuals should be punished either?


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