ASIO agents are a bunch of anal sychophants toadying to American security

ASIO are a bunch of anal sychophants toadying to their masters, American security. They do their best to keep Australian politicians in the dark and then behave abominably to those who have no rights as far as their powers are concerned (you and me). Illustrating this are the cases of peace activist Scott Parkin, and refugees Muhammad Faisal and Mohammed Sagar, now before the Federal Court.

These three were judged threats to national security. Why? Well two of them because they were foreigners so they were detained on Nauru Island for five years, for no reason. They have not been charged during that time. The third, Parkin, was tossed out of Australia because he was indulging in free speech.

Still, brilliant ASIO spy master, Paul O’Sullivan, is still trying to cover up the shameful behaviour. These secret police who have such powers in this country should be ostracised at all times for their inexcusable mistakes. If we don’t they’ll find ways within our culture to validate themselves and their errors and will begin detaining people on a whim, the way secret police do in police states.

The worst news is that ASIO is going to appeal the decision the court made to have them hand over the documents that allegedly brought them to the point of punishing these individuals without charge. ASIO says they (the punished) can’t explain the circumstances that ASIO have against them. But then we know that ASIO don’t have to tell them what they have against them, so how can they answer them. Another Catch 22.
Joseph Heller was right about many things of this ilk.


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