Musharaff’s attempt to kill Bhutto is only the tip of iceberg for the mealy-mouthed brutal

Pakistan’s Musharaff is being shown as the ruthless, power greedy dog that he is. Throwing out his legal system, attempting to annihilate his opposition Benazir Bhutto after suckering her to return for elections so he could kill her, and closing down on free speech to save his hide while he defies the people is something he has secretly done while being paid by the Americans to take care of terrorists. He has allowed the terrorists to multiply so they won’t attack him. It’s now out in the open and with him at the helm the violent turmoil can only get worse.

He won a phoney election by agreeing to step down from the Army but he then imposed the equivalent of military rule. Are we all stupid? Can’t we judge a person’s character by his continued actions?

He’s had more time than any leader supported for an alleged stand on terrorism. There has been no significant arrests or even discoveries during his time but his totalitarian attitude has prevailed against his people for the years he has been supported by America. When is American Security going to realise that to support the mealy-mouthed brutals will always be counter productive. And how do the Americans change this?

It’s very silly to imagine that they can rectify the problem by attacking the mountains (that’s all it would be) with air power, because the country is even more rugged than Afghanistan and look how the West is faring there. Iraq would be a total pushover compared to Pakistan.


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