Oil is more endangered than humpback whales

With humpback whales swimming in Arctic waters, now that they’re warmer, the petroleum companies exploring the Arctic seas (Beaufort Sea) are saying they won’t change their exploration areas or techniques because of the presence of this endangered species.

They may be endangered but they’re not as endangered as oil. With exploration finding only a barrel of oil for every nine barrels used, we should be giving the humpbacks more consideration. More oil is not being made but more humpbacks are, and if treated well they’ll continue to exist. Not so oil. It’s already condemned and, as its the cause of the planet warming, let’s slam the arrogance that oil companies have at the moment. Oil more imprtant than endangered animals? I don’t think so. If we’re without power as the oil disappears it’s the fault of the visionless governments who listened to the oil lobby and ridiculed alternative fuels.


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