John Howard should not deliver early dementia spin

Prime Ministers should be prevented from pretending early dementia. John Howard has apologised for a quarter of a percent interest rate hike but can’t apologise to the aborigines for the white invaders taking their land, decimating their culture, their population, and being responsible for their present ill health, bad education and appalling living standards. In some states our ancestors attempted genocide but hadn’t the experience to follow through. One recorded attempt on a property near Coleraine, the whites rounded the tribe up into cattleyards one evening and planned their murder the following morning. Naturally the designated victims fled during the night.

In Tasmania, led by Melbourne’s founder, John Batman, they had an immense line of shooters walking the whole state shooting aborigines as they went. Batman later claimed he certainly organised the line but didn’t know they were going to shoot anyone. Batman spent the rest of his life preventing massacres in Victoria.

But back to our idiot politician. He’s also apologising for an event he has no control over (how’s that for vanity) for the Reserve Bank makes decisions independently. He’s really apologising for saying he would keep interest rates at a record low before the last election. Naturally he had no right to make such a claim but he thought it sounded great for a gullible electorate to swallow. Problem is he has no respect for those who vote for him and blatantly feeds them manure to swallow. Where were his spin doctors when he apologised? He’s sorely in need of new ones, ones that understand that he’s been lying, and an apology for a quarter percent interest rate rise, is like a man feeling up an flight attendant (as is the want of a few politicians) and apologising for spilling coffee in his saucer.


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