Prime Minister nitwit was once John Howard

I imagined Prime Minister John Howard was a seasoned pragmatist but it turns out he’s only a nitwit. He now states that saying he was sorry (for the interest rate hike, for which he is not responsible) doesn’t mean he apologised. Obviously he believes that there are levels of apology. Scratch that … levels of saying sorry, and if you say it about relatively unimportant things it’s not an apology. So why doesn’t he say the first level of sorry to the aborigines? That way it wouldn’t be an apology, only saying sorry. But refusing to say sorry to our indigenous population was, for them, an abyss in the way of beginning to build a relationship. Now they won’t let him get away with saying sorry, now they will demand, and only accept, an apology.

A man who has his own personal meanings for very public words is on his way to incoherency. Goodbye John Howard, hello nitwit.


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