Governments underestimate problems they’ll ignore

It is a given that governments underestimate problems they plan to do nothing about. The State government’s report on the rise of sea levels predicts that by the end of the century the rise will only be an estimated one metre. Sorry, the Arctic ice will all have melted by 2020. Say about a three metre rise, as glaciers everywhere will also have begun to melt. Of course no one knows how fast it will all happen but if you go with predictive models it is 2020. The fields of ice breaking away from the Antarctic don’t have a huge effect because they’re already in the water and not on land. However many species will be lost to us down there.

From the way predictions have sped up over the last year I understand that no one has a handle on the deterioration of the planet’s weather. But please when you’re sparing a moment for all the lost species, remember who caused their demise, and that of the planet: the heavy industrialists, the developers, and those of us who used their cars for everything. Perhaps we should tell our children how it was us that stuffed it all up. We thought we were invincible.

At first the encroachment will be beachfront homes and those back a few blocks. Here in Talbot, about ninety k’s from the sea, we’re anticipating having a beachfront any day now. Of course that will mean we’ll have to move out because no one likes the pretenders (pretend surfers, pretend wealthy and fashion victims) and the badly designed buildings that follow in their wake. I feel the really big sets will swing in around Mt Cameron but I could be wrong.


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  1. Will the water be high enough to cover the scarborough clock?

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